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Telephone: 651-259-3473  ·  Fax: 651-297-8224
Email: historicsites@mnhs.org

The Historic Sites and Museums Department administers 32 state historic sites throughout Minnesota. This network of historic sites represents some of the most compelling aspects of Minnesota history, and provides a place for visitors to hear the stories and visit the real places where Minnesota history happened.

Sites Managed by the Minnesota Historical Society

Birch Coulee Battlefield
   Telephone: 651-259-3473  ·  Fax: None
   E-mail: birchcoulee@mnhs.org

Historic Forestville
   Telephone: 507-765-2785  ·  Fax: 507-765-2785
   E-mail: forestville@mnhs.org

Forest History Center
Telephone: 218-327-4482  ·  Fax: 218-327-4483
E-mail: foresthistory@mnhs.org

Fort Snelling
   Telephone: 612-726-1171  ·  Fax: 612-725-2429
   E-mail: ftsnelling@mnhs.org

Hill House
   Telephone: 651-296-8205  ·  Fax: 651-297-5655
   E-mail: hillhouse@mnhs.org

Jeffers Petroglyphs
   Telephone: 507-628-5591  ·  Fax: 507-628-5593
   E-mail: jefferspetroglyphs@mnhs.org

Kelley Farm
Telephone: 612-441-6896  ·  Fax: 612-441-6302
E-mail: kelleyfarm@mnhs.org

Lindbergh House
   Telephone: 320-632-3154  ·  Fax: 320-632-0502
   E-mail: lindbergh@mnhs.org

Mill City Museum
   Telephone: 612-341-7555 ·  Fax: 612-341-7001
   E-mail: mcm@mnhs.org

Mille Lacs Indian Museum
   Telephone: 320-532-3632  ·  Fax: 320-532-4625
   E-mail: millelacs@mnhs.org

Minnesota State Capitol
   Telephone: 651-296-2881  ·  Fax: 651-297-1502
   E-mail: statecapitol@mnhs.org

North West Company Fur Post
   Telephone: 320-629-6356  ·  Fax: None
   E-mail: nwcfurpost@mnhs.org

Ramsey House
   Telephone: 651-296-8760  ·  Fax: 651-296-0100
   E-mail: ramseyhouse@mnhs.org

Sibley House
   Telephone: 651-452-1596  ·  Fax: None
   E-mail: sibleyhouse@mnhs.org

Split Rock Lighthouse
   Telephone: 218-226-6372  ·  Fax: 218-226-6373
   E-mail: splitrock@mnhs.org

Sites Managed by Other Organizations

Comstock House (City of Moorhead)
   Telephone: 218-291-4211  ·  Fax: None
   E-mail: comstock@mnhs.org

Folsom House (Taylors Falls Historical Society)
   Telephone: 651-465-3125  ·  Fax: None
   E-mail: folsomhouse@mnhs.org

Fort Ridgely (Nicollet County Historical Society)
   Telephone: 507-934-2160  ·  Fax: None
   E-mail: ftridgely@mnhs.org

Harkin Store (Nicollet County Historical Society)
   Telephone: 507-354-8666 or 507-934-2106
   E-mail: harkinstore@mnhs.org

Lac Qui Parle (Chippewa County Historical Society)
   Telephone: 320-269-7636  ·  Fax: None
   E-mail: lacquiparle@mnhs.org

Lower Sioux Agency (Lower Sioux Indian Community)
   Telephone: 507-697-6321 ·  Fax: 507-697-6310
   E-mail: lowersioux@mnhs.org

Marine Mill (City of Marine on St. Croix)
   Telephone: 651-433-3636 
   E-mail: marinemill@mnhs.org

Minnehaha Depot (Minnesota Transportation Museum)
   Telephone: 651-228-0263 ·  Fax: None
   E-mail: minnehahadepot@mnhs.org

Traverse des Sioux (Nicollet County Historical Society)
   Telephone: 507-934-2160 ·  Fax: None
   E-mail: traversedessioux@mnhs.org

W.W. Mayo (Nicollet County Historical Society)
   Telephone: 507-665-3250  ·  Fax: None
   E-mail: mayohouse@mnhs.org