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Student at Exhibit

Title:  Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund Intern

Department:  Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund

Supervisor:  Project Manager, Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund

Hours:  10-15 per week                        

Timeframe:  Fall 2013 (September-December)

Status:  Paid.

Location: Minnesota History Center, Saint Paul, MN

Project Summary: The intern will work with the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund Manager. The position calls for assistance in a variety of tasks, including research, record retention, fund management, issue research and strategic planning.

Ideal Degrees: Public administration, history, political science, business administration.

Student Qualifications: Must be a junior or senior level undergraduate or graduate student majoring in public administration, political science, or history. Must possess the following:

  • Confidence in interacting with stakeholders and the public as well as within the office environment
  • Ability to multi-task and to be flexible with a fast-paced environment with changing tasks
  • Ability to think critically and work independently; willingness to ask questions
  • Interest in public administration and the high-level working of a large and complex organization
  • Willingness to learn about organizational finances, fund management and how to balance stakeholder needs
  • Ability to research, write, and communicate clearly and accurately
  • Comfort level with collecting and analyzing data

Student Responsibilities:

  • Learn about and assist with the strategic planning related to the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund, its work and its disbursement
  • Study various issues pertaining to the fund, e.g. how funds are currently being used or future potential partners
  • Work with stakeholders invested in the future of the fund (current and potential grantees)
  • Conduct research on administrative process and procedures
  • Work actively with files relating to fund investments and potential projects
  • Develop a record retention system and schedule
  • Help collect and analyze data from investments in preparation for reports

Knowledge intern is expected to gain:

  • Increased awareness about public administration in a large institution
  • Awareness of the partners and grantees of the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund supplied by the State of Minnesota
  • Experience in working with a large public fund and its disbursement
  • Familiarity with and ability to utilize information to make strategic decisions for the future
  • Program planning, implementation, and evaluation skills
  • Practical, i.e. can claim on a resume, experience with non-profit administration
  • Experience working on fund managementwith seasoned professionals

Additional Required Submissions:

  • Goal statement for desired outcomes from the internship

To apply, please visit the Internship Program Application Process page.