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For-Credit Internship Information


Academic credit is available to students upon request. Students seeking credit for an internship are required to inform Society staff during the selection process. Students are responsible for communicating with their respective institutions to meet *credit requirements. While the Society will provide adequate evaluations for every intern, prospective interns are reminded that academic institutions determine students' grades/credits. Generally, Society supervisors will not grade students on their internships; unless permitted to or required to give grades, Society intern supervisors will provide only evaluations and recommendations. Students seeking internships at the Society must ensure that all internship requirements at their schools are properly followed in order to receive credits for their work.

*The word credit as used on this website applies to any numerical factors or grades recognized by the sponsoring school, or any type of special arrangements that the school acknowledges for this purpose.  Students not requesting credit for their internships are required to develop a learning plan (links to a .pdf document).


Interns seeking to gain academic credit for their experiences are expected to provide their supervisor with any evaluation procedures required by their schools. In cases where no specific format is provided by the academic institutions, intern supervisors will use the Society's evaluation form.