Risk Assesment InternTitle:  Risk Assessment Research Intern

Department:  Admin – Risk Management Committee

Supervisor:   Program Specialist, Institutional Sustainability

Hours:  10 hours/week – 150 hours per semester

Timeframe:   Spring 2014 (January - May)

Status:  Paid.

Project Summary: The intern will work with the MHS Risk Management Committee.  The Committee studies risk management within the institution and works to reduce loss and liability through assessment, training, and the creation of institutional policies.  The intern will assist the committee with internal risk investigations.  The tasks include reading through documentation, collecting and organizing data, and team meetings.  At the culmination of the internship, the intern is expected to provide formatted and edited documents that summarize their findings. 

Student Qualifications:  Can be a junior or senior level undergraduate student, or a graduate level student with a passion for data and research. Must possess the following:

  • Strong research skills;
  • Strong analytic skills: candidate should be experienced in analyzing both qualitative and quantitative data
  • Motivated with strong work ethic;
  • Ability to write and communicate clearly and accurately;
  • Strong graphic and visualization skills (i.e. producing effective graphs and charts in the analysis of data);
  • Ability to create, organize, and maintain detailed spreadsheets;
  • Ability to work successfully in a team environment;
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel and Word.

Ideal degrees:   Business management, accounting, economics, history, mathematics, non-profit management, public affairs, or similar.

Student Responsibilities:

  • Collect data and conduct research on policies and procedures, costs, and other areas related to risk management.
  • Develop and maintain shared tracking documents for the Committee and organize and share data while conducting the on-going research.
  • Track on-going primary resources and documents used throughout the process.
  • Prepare written document summarizing findings in a clear and concise way.
  • Participate in risk management team meetings.

Knowledge intern is expected to gain:

  • Increased awareness of the operations of a large public institution.
  • Experience working and researching in a professional setting.
  • Experience producing technical documents in a professional setting.

Required Submissions:

  • Writing sample that includes graphs, charts, or other data visualizations.

To apply, please visit the Internship Program Application Process page.