CSSE InternTitle: Center for Social Studies Education (CSSE) Internship

Department: Education and Outreach – Center for Social Studies Education

Supervisor: Program Specialist – Center for Social Studies Education

Weekly Hours: 12 (will fluctuate depending on program dates)

Timeframe: Spring 2014 (January-May)

Status: Unpaid

Location: Minnesota Historical Society, Saint Paul, MN

Project Summary: The Center for Social Studies Education is a partnership between the Minnesota Department of Education and the Minnesota Historical Society to enhance classroom instruction and improve student academic achievement.  We support social studies teachers with effective professional development programs, model curriculum resources, and enriched relationships with professional, educational, and cultural organizations.

Ideal Degrees: Education, history, communications, or related field.

Student Qualifications: Graduate students or undergraduate seniors and juniors are encouraged to apply.  Must be passionate about helping educators improve teaching content and classroom strategies in K-12 schools.

Student Responsibilities:

  • Convert curriculum writing documents from professional educators to uniform format for CSSE website.
  • Maintain the online CSSE events calendar, promoting conferences, workshops, competitions, grants, scholarships, and resources for both teachers and students.
  • Upload additional content to CSSE website as requested.
  • Attend curriculum leaders’ discussions and write up meeting notes.
  • Collect and analyze teacher feedback from surveys, questionnaires, and discussions.

For more information or to apply, please visit the Internship Program Application Process page.