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Spring 2014 Internship Opportunities

Please review the links below for more information on Spring 2014 opportunities still open until filled or November 4, 2013. Please review the appropriate timelines and application guidelines before you apply. Positions listed below are available only until November 3, 2013 at midnight. The links below will provide a list of positions descriptions, which you may click on to get a detailed position description:

Spring 2014 Opportunities with Extended Deadlines BY DEPARTMENT

Spring 2014 Opportunities with Extended Deadlines BY MAJOR

Cohort Meetings

All accepted interns are required to participate in monthly cohort meetings as a part of their internship experience. This is a committment of 2.5 hours once a month, or an extra 10 hours over the course of the internship. Please note: All meetings take place at the Minnesota History Center in Saint Paul, MN from 4:30-7:00 p.m. on one Tuesday a month, approximately.

Spring semester cohort dates are as follows:

  • Tuesday, January 21
  • Tuesday, February 18
  • Tuesday, April 15
  • Tuesday, May 6

Application Process

Interns in the GalleriesTo apply, submit all application materials for intern positions by Sunday, November 3, 2013 by midnight CST. A complete application, consisting of the online application, cover letter, resume and any required additional materials must be submitted by this deadline to be considered a candidate. More information can be found at the Internship Program Application Process page.

Students will be notified of the outcome of the application process the week of December 2, 2013.

The new date for Orientation for accepted interns is now Tuesday, December 17, 2013 from 1:00-4:30 p.m. at the Minnesota History Center in Saint Paul, MN.


Application Cycles

Applications submitted outside the timelines listed below for each internship, or to no particular position, will not be considered. Timelines may change at the Internship Program's discretion.

Spring 2014

  • Intern Application Open: until November 3, 2013
  • Internship Interviews: October 21 - November 25, 2013
  • Interns Selected by: Week of December 2, 2013
  • New Intern Orientation: 1- 4:30 PM on Tuesday, December 17, 2013