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Student at Exhibit

Title:  Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund Intern

Department:  Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund

Supervisor:  Project Manager, Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund

Hours:  10-15 per week                        

Timeframe:  Summer 2013 (June - August)

Status:  Paid.

Location: Minnesota History Center, Saint Paul, MN

Project Summary: The intern will work with the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund Manager. The position calls for assistance in a variety of tasks, including research, record retention, fund management, issue research and strategic planning.

Ideal Degrees: Public administration, history, political science, business administration.

Student Qualifications: Must be a junior or senior level undergraduate or graduate student majoring in public administration, political science, or history. Must possess the following:

  • Confidence in interacting with stakeholders and the public as well as within the office environment
  • Ability to multi-task and to be flexible with a fast-paced environment with changing tasks
  • Ability to think critically and work independently; willingness to ask questions
  • Interest in public administration and the high-level working of a large and complex organization
  • Willingness to learn about organizational finances, fund management and how to balance stakeholder needs
  • Ability to research, write, and communicate clearly and accurately
  • Comfort level with collecting and analyzing data

Student Responsibilities:

  • Learn about and assist with the strategic planning related to the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund, its work and its disbursement
  • Study various issues pertaining to the fund, e.g. how funds are currently being used or future potential partners
  • Work with stakeholders invested in the future of the fund (current and potential grantees)
  • Conduct research on administrative process and procedures
  • Work actively with files relating to fund investments and potential projects
  • Develop a record retention system and schedule
  • Help collect and analyze data from investments in preparation for reports

Knowledge intern is expected to gain:

  • Increased awareness about public administration in a large institution
  • Awareness of the partners and grantees of the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund supplied by the State of Minnesota
  • Experience in working with a large public fund and its disbursement
  • Familiarity with and ability to utilize information to make strategic decisions for the future
  • Program planning, implementation, and evaluation skills
  • Practical, i.e. can claim on a resume, experience with non-profit administration
  • Experience working on fund managementwith seasoned professionals

Additional Required Submissions:

  • Goal statement for desired outcomes from the internship

For more information or to apply, please visit the Internship Program Application Process page. Applications for this position close on April 14, 2013.