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Summer 2013 Internship Opportunities by department

All positions are unpaid and based at the History Center in Saint Paul, MN, unless otherwise noted.


The Archaeology Department conducts research on a broad range of cultural and heritage resources throughout the state. Opportunities exist to conduct field and/or laboratory research, computer analysis, collections research, site preservation, public interpretation, and/or historic research.  Applicants should be advanced undergraduate or graduate students with a background in anthropology, archaeology, American studies, history, or related fields.

Available positions this semester are:

Archaeological Conservation Intern (paid)

Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund

The Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund is a recently established $47 million dollar portfolio that has provided more than 600 local grants and supported over 100 Society programs and partnerships in history and cultural heritage activities throughout Minnesota. The work in this area is dynamic and covers many areas from administrative functions, managerial program execution and strategic planning. It works with all areas of the institution and wider history community around the state.

Available positions this semester are:

Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund Intern (paid)

Collections and Library

The Library and Collections division includes the following departments: Collections, Collections Management and Reference. It is responsible for the Society's Library, which is open to the public. It collects, catalogs, curates and conserves library and archival material including books, manuscripts, maps, newspapers, photographs and other sound and visual material, and government records.

Available positions this semester are:

Reference Intern

Director's Office

The director’s office is the point of contact for the Society’s governing board and for matters related to relations with the legislature and state government. This office directly works with the Director, senior leadership team and board.

Available positions this semester are:

Governance and Strategic Planning Intern

Education and Diversity Outreach

The Education and Diversity Outreach departments manage the outreach and education programs at the Minnesota Historical Society. The Diversity Outreach Department works with college and high school students in various history immersion opportunities across the metro area and beyond. Signature programs include the teen Summer History Immersion Program, the Museum Fellows Programs and the American Indian Fellows program. This department also runs the statewide History Day program.

Available positions this semester are:

Summer History Immersion Program Intern (paid)

Enterprise Technology and Business Development

The Enterprise Technology and Business Development department manages the overall IT infrastructure and provides support to the Society staff. This includes, but is not limited to, web development, in-house consultations and oversight of History Center museum stores retail operations.

Available positions this semester are:

Information Technology Specialist

Web Design Intern (paid)


The Exhibitions Department creates the exhibitions for the museums and sites which the Minnesota Historical Society operates for the purpose of engaging the public with history. These exhibitions convey Minnesota's unique identity through collaborative processes valuing community understandings and a visitor’s inherent capacity for creating personal understandings of the past. Exhibitions at the Minnesota Historical Society are a product of the interpretive arts, intended for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, and comprising storytelling, multisensory educational strategies, scholarship, artifact collections, the authority of community experience and cultural diversity. 

There are no available positions in Exhibits this semester.

Historic Sites

The Historic Sites Department administers 32 state historic sites throughout Minnesota. This network of historic sites represents some of the most compelling aspects of Minnesota history, and provides a place for visitors to hear the stories and visit the real places where Minnesota history happened.

Available positions this semester are:

Fort Snelling Camp Intern (Fort Snelling, Minneapolis, MN)

Drum & Fife Corps Intern (paid, Fort Snelling, Minneapolis, MN)

Interpreter/Special Events Intern (Mille Lacs Indian Museum & Trading Post, Onamia, MN)

Human Resources

The Human Resources Department is responsible for various policy and support functions applicable to employees.  This includes, but is not limited to, compliance with federal, state and local regulations, administration of multiple benefit programs, policy development and implementation, compensation plan design, recruitment, selection, orientation, and training of new staff.

There are no available positions in Human Resources this semester.

Institutional Evaluation

The Evaluation Program plans, designs and oversees evaluation activities for the Society’s programs, projects and partnerships; including but not limited to the management of data collection, entry and analysis; report writing and communication of results; as well as the management of a an institutional dashboard. Evaluation results are used for process improvement. The program provides evaluation consultation and resources to Society staff as they integrate evaluation methods throughout the work of the institution.

There are no available positions in Institutional Evaluation this semester.

Institutional Sustainability Program

Historic preservation and sustainability are tied together in many ways. The Institutional Sustainability Program is in the process of instituting energy, water, and resource conserving strategies for many historical sites throughout Minnesota. Using an institution-wide sustainability audit as a baseline, performance metrics are being used to determine the best strategies. The same metrics are utilized during implementation, tracking results as well as setting targets.

Available positions this semester are:

There are no available positions in Sustainability this semester.

Lifelong Learning and Museum Education

The Lifelong Learning and Museum Education Department connects people of all ages with history through engaging programs at the History Center and through informal learning outreach to communities throughout the state.  Gallery Programs, School Programs, Public Programs, Visitor Services, Museum Outreach and Mobile Learning are the core work units within the department. Recent initiatives include a statewide partnership with the Minnesota Regional Public Library System to support high-quality history programs for lifelong learners; History in Our Hands, a game-based mobile learning application for students; and a Teen Advisory Council that supports programs for teen audiences. The Lifelong Learning and Museum Education Department is committed to delivering outstanding customer service and innovative learning experiences that use the power of history to transform lives.

Young Adult Programs Assistant (paid)

Marketing and Communications

Promotes the programs and services of the Society through public relations, publications, marketing communications and information services at the History Center.

Available positions this semester are:

Public Relations Intern

MHS Press

The MHS Press publishes books on the history, art, and culture of the Upper Midwest. Founded in 1859, it is the oldest publisher in the state and the largest historical society press in the country. Borealis Books, the national trade imprint of Minnesota Historical Society Press, strives to publish works of enduring value that illuminate our shared quest for identity, place, and heritage.

Available positions this semester are:

Design Intern

Editorial Intern


The Multimedia Program develops, produces and implements multimedia for the Minnesota Historical Society's programs and exhibits.  Products include online educational and promotional video, distributed curriculum products, mobile experiences, interactive exhibit installations and immersive multimedia experiences.

Available positions this semester are:

Multimedia Intern

Oral History Department

The Society's oral history collection includes hundreds of interviews with Minnesotans from all walks of life and all corners of the state. Topics, chosen to explore specific issues in the state's history and current affairs, include politics, business, labor, agriculture, the environment, ethnicity, religion and education.

The oral history department conducts its own projects on a wide range of issues, recently in the area of immigrant communities that are new to Minnesota. These projects document the successes, challenges, and contributions of these communities living throughout the state of Minnesota. 

There are no available positions in Oral History this semester.

State Historic Preservation Office

The National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 provided for a network of historic preservation offices in every state to spearhead state preservation initiatives and help carry out the nation's historic preservation program. Minnesota's SHPO was created by state statute in 1969 to provide statewide leadership. The director of the Minnesota Historical Society serves as State Historic Preservation Officer. This office works to identify, evaluate, register and protect Minnesota's historic properties, to encourage the development of local history organizations and activities and to assist government agencies in carrying out their historic preservation responsibilities.

There are no available positions in the State Historic Preservation Office this semester.

Volunteer Services

The Volunteer Services Department coordinates volunteer opportunities and provides support to supervisory staff for the MN Historical Society's 26 sites.  In FY2011, more than 2,250 volunteers contributed 44,500 hours in 32 programs. 

Available positions this semester are:

Internship Program Assistant

Volunteer Communications Coordinator