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Contacting Your Legislator

Thank you for your interest and support. Many of you have called, written and emailed legislators in support of the Society's budget requests in the past. These communications are very much appreciated. Citizens interested in furthering Minnesota's history programs should continue to let decision-makers know about the importance of preserving our state's heritage, by both thanking them for past support for the Society, and urging their future support for adequate funding for history programs.

This page and the links below contain tips on contacting legislators and information on identifying your legislator. For additional information, call David Kelliher at 651-259-3103 or e-mail david.kelliher@mnhs.org

Here's what you can do to help:

  • Please call, write or send an e-mail message to your legislator. Let your legislator know your name and address, so that he or she will know that you are a constituent. Be polite and say thank you for past legislative support
  • If you don't already know who your legislator is, you can find out online.
  • Keep your message simple: Express your support for the work that the Minnesota Historical Society does; Illustrate your positive experiences with a personal story; and ask your legislator to support continued and adequate funding for the Minnesota Historical Society.

Legislative and State Government Links

Not sure who your Legislator is?

  • Check the Legislature's "District Finder" page, which contains a number of ways to determine your legislator.
  • Check the Legislature's GIS Office site. (This link can take you directly to an email link, but is best viewed in Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher (for Mac users Netscape 6.2), and it has been found that ALL other browsers experience problems viewing the ARCIMS generated maps.)
  • Check the Secretary of State's web site.

The Legislature's web sites also have helpful information, including addresses and e-mail links:

Capitol at night

The Governor can be reached at:

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Thanks for your help! If you have any questions about the Society's legislative program, call or send an e-mail message to David Kelliher, the Society's legislative liaison at 651-259-3103 or david.kelliher@mnhs.org

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