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High School Intern Position Description


POSITION TITLE              Participant, Design Diaries International

PROGRAM                           Education

POSITION SUMMARY     “Design Diaries International” (DDI) is an exciting new project using fashion, history and culture to connect American teens with Palestinian teens in Jerusalem. Teens will work together to create original garments and their own fashion show that shows what they’ve learned about American and Palestinian clothing at the Minnesota History Center. Four students will be selected from this group to participate in a similar show at the Palestinian Heritage Museum in April of 2014.


  • Study historic and contemporary fashions in a museum setting.
  • Collaborate with other participants to create informative presentations about Minnesota and Minnesota textiles for Palestinian Counterparts
  • Design and create a garment for the DDI fashion show.


  • High School sophomore, junior or senior.
  • Enjoy research, both historic and contemporary.
  • Comfortable with group work.
  • Have well-developed communication skills: verbal, interpersonal, and public relation skills
  • Be friendly and courteous.
  • Comfortable working on individual projects, and ability to present and explain your work.
  • Basic sewing skills: familiarity and experience sewing on a machine; ability to create a straight seam, familiarity and experience with sewing from a sewing pattern.
  • Be prepared to engage with students and mentors to explore textiles and fashion and the essential question: how do clothes represent culture and who we are?


After an initial screening interview with a Volunteer Coordinator, applicants then interview with the Program Coordinator and Instructors. Positions are limited to 20.   


Attend weekly meetings on Saturday mornings at the Minnesota History Center and Textile Center of Minnesota, October through April. Meetings will include:

  • Historic Research in MHS collections.
  • Historic Research (via teleconference) in Palestinian Heritage Museum collections.
  • Oral history training and community research at boutiques and fabric stores in the Twin Cities.
  • Personal research and journaling about your own and friends’ clothing/teen fashion.
  • Fashion design instruction and critiques.
  • Garment Construction.
  • Fashion Show instruction, development and planning with US and Palestinian peers via teleconference.


One 9 AM to 11 AM shift on Saturdays.  Participants must also be available for the fashion show, which is tentatively scheduled for Thursday May 15th 2014 from 7 to 9 PM. Selected students will also travel to Jerusalem between March 29th and April 5th; these dates follow with Saint Paul and Minneapolis Public Schools’ spring break dates.


This is an opportunity to gain explore the history of fashion, learn research and presentation skills, design and create your own garment, and participate in a real fashion show.


Aleah Vinick