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Volunteer & Intern Spotlight

Volunteers and Interns Make Huge Contributions to MNHS

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Mill City Museum Hosts Its First Step-Up Intern

Mohamed MHSLast summer, Mill City Museum embarked on one of our newest internship partnerships - Step-Up Achieve of Minneapolis. This program is a partnership between the City of Minneapolis and Step-Up, a youth internship and job skills program serving diverse teens in Minneapolis.

Mohamed was our first intern from Step-Up, and he did a wonderful job! Mohamed worked in Visitor Services selling tickets and memberships, orienting visitors, fielding phone calls, and then shifts at a moment's notice over to handle gift shop sales on the retail side; all during the Mill's busiest season of the year! Mohamed quickly caught on and was a pro on one of the busiest days the Museum has faced all summer - with over 700 visitors and $2500 in retail! 

When he was not patiently serving customers or carefully handling the till, Mohamed gained a sense of other parts of the Museum by shadowing staff, and of course - having lots of fun! We are so glad to have had the opportunity to work with Mohamed and can't wait to see what Step-Up has to offer in 2014. Kudos Mohamed! 

Marine Mill Volunteers Launch Wack-Attack

Marine Mill Restoration Site

The Marine Mill site was home to Minnesota's first commercial sawmill which operated from 1839 to 1895. Today, visitors can explore the remains of the stone foundations, and through interpretive signs, learn about the history of this once active industrial site.

new treeAs part of a long-term project, volunteers spent two days in June removing unwanted vegetation, planting native trees and plants and maintaining site trails. The work included cutting downed trees, removing and treating invasive species and weed-wacking to make the site accessible to visitors.

Many thanks to the Mill Site Restoration Committee: Anne R., Curt M., David S., Jack W. and Jim S. for their work leading the team!