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How to use Zoomify

What is Zoomify?

Zoomify is a tool that enables high resolution images to be delivered quickly over the web. In order to view these images, users need only have the free Macromedia Flash Player plug-in installed.

How do I use the toolbar?

The following are a list of functions available when viewing a zoomify image.

Zoomify - slider ZOOM SLIDER. Move the slider left and right to zoom in and out of the image.

Zoomify - move in ZOOM IN.

Zoomify - move out ZOOM OUT.

Zoomify - move left MOVE LEFT.

Zoomify - move up MOVE UP.

Zoomify - move down MOVE DOWN.

Zoomify - move right MOVE RIGHT.

Zoomify - full view FULL VIEW.

Learn more about Zoomify by visiting their website.