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KSTP-TV Archive

The KSTP-TV Archive holds over 3 million feet of news film (1948-1976) and 2,500 videotapes (1976-1993) now housed at the Minnesota Historical Society. This premiere television news film collection covers the social, political, economic and natural landscape of Minnesota for the second half of the twentieth century. A pioneer television station, KSTP-TV was the first station in the Midwest to air a daily newscast and became the first full-color station in the world. The selection of news segments available for viewing at this website provides a glimpse into the collection and highlights some of the people, events, tragedies and triumphs in Minnesota history. A searchable catalog of selected clips of the KSTP new film collection is available online. For further research, copy or use of any of the KSTP-TV Archive, see below.

Please note that not all clips have audio.

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Requests for Use

The KSTP-TV Archive is supported by funds from the Hubbard Family Foundation and by fees for research, copying, and use. Reproductions or permissions for use of any material in the collection are provided under license agreement for purposes indicated and agreed upon by the user and the Minnesota Historical Society. Copies of the clips shown here are also available for purchase. The full 1960s decade featured here will be available for purchase on DVD in mid 2009.

  • Direct requests for research, copy or use by submitting the KSTP Request Form to the Minnesota Historical Society.
  • Commercial reproductions of the KSTP-TV Archive are also available through CONUS ARCHIVE

About the Collection

Hubbard Broadcasting, Inc. gave the KSTP-TV Archive to the Minnesota Historical Society in 1994. Over the next ten years, with support from the Hubbard Family Foundation, the news film was cleaned, spliced, cataloged, and rehoused in a secure and climate-controlled storage area. The Society continues to promote long-term care, create further information, and provide access to this important collection. We appreciate your support and input. Please direct inquiries to collections@mnhs.org