Education Initiatives Fund

Education Initiatives fund
Create our future.

Educating all Minnesotans – from every background and heritage, from every age group and income level, from every corner of our state – has always been at the core of the Minnesota Historical Society’s mission.

This year, you have an extraordinary opportunity to help. If you choose to designate your Creating Our Future Campaign contribution to Education Initiatives, your generosity will help give a vital boost to programs designed to bring more stories to more Minnesotans than ever before.

National History Day

Each year, 27,000 Minnesota students in grades 6-12 learn research and critical analysis skills by participating in Minnesota’s National History Day competition. By investigating a historical topic in-depth and preparing their choice of research paper, exhibit, documentary, performance or website, students learn the satisfaction of hard work (91%), report that they work harder than they do for other class assignments (86%), and increase their expectations for success in school (64%).

Classroom Visits. Last year alone, History Day staff at the Minnesota Historical Society offered 10,447 hours of support for students, parents, teachers, and judges. It’s a massive effort, and a much-appreciated one. Teacher surveys consistently show that the help provided by Minnesota History Day staff makes a powerful difference in their students’ participation in the competition. New resources will bring this extra layer of support to even more classrooms, helping even more young people master the skills of research and analysis.

Mentorship Program. Creating Our Future Campaign Funds will also support a mentorship program which will match college students from the University of Minnesota and other colleges across the state with History Day participants in their areas. These college mentors will be able to work with middle and high school students to help them choose, research, and prepare their National History Day projects. They will also provide valuable role models to inspire young students from all backgrounds to look ahead and set long-term educational goals.

I'm really glad that I did History Day because it genuinely changed my life. It helped me to think about current events and civics, but it also made me think about service, stewardship​, and learning how to help others.

JLor, Former History Day Participant

Teacher Training Programs

Funds raised by the Creating Our Future Campaign will give a boost to the production of new professional development and training opportunities for Minnesota educators. The Minnesota Historical Society currently conducts training programs on dozens of topics used by teachers from across the state every year. New resources would enable MNHS to develop and conduct additional training programs, on topics ranging from Native American studies and Historic Fort Snelling to techniques for inspiring an increasingly diverse student population with an ever-expanding lens on the myriad important stories that form the tapestry of our Minnesota experience.

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