Transcript for Creating Our Future Campaign Video

Annette Atkins:  History has the power to change our lives by giving people the tools to wonder, to imagine, and to remember times before they were alive.

Ford Bell: The Minnesota Historical Society preserves all kinds of history of our state. I made a gift to support digitization of the collections here so they are accessible for research, for families, or for individuals who want to learn more.

The newspapers that are being preserved, they cover the entire state. Everybody can access their story through the Minnesota Historical Society.

Sharon Sayles Belton: Telling the story of Fort Snelling will really give people, not only in Minnesota, but really in this entire region, an understanding how this fort, this place, really affected the lives of lots of not just the soldiers, but all of us who call Minnesota home.

The revitalization project is an opportunity for every Minnesotan to say I want a piece of this story. This story belongs to me.

JLor: I’m really glad that I did History Day because it genuinely changed my life.

Susanne Hollingsworth: I make donations to Minnesota History Day and other education programs at the Minnesota Historical Society because they’ve made a huge difference in the lives of my students and I think they make a huge difference in the lives of students throughout the state.

Annette: History and our understanding of it is the way that we create a future where there is room for all of us. I want people to give so that together we can create the future we want to live in.