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Ringo Doll in Package - 1964

I was 15, and I remember doing homework in my room when the big announcement came - how to get tickets to see the Beatles! My mom immediately wrote a check for 2 tickets - $5.50 each, and we drove to the downtown post office to be sure we got the order in right away.

On the day of the concert, I talked a boy who liked me (and who could drive) into taking me to the airport to see the Beatles arrive. I was right up against that much-photographed chain link fence. Then that night my mom drove my friend, Michele, and me to the show. I don't think Michele cared one way or the other (but I couldn't go alone so I "dragged" her with me.) Our seats were over the third-base dugout and I think the song I best remember hearing (hearing?) is "Long Tall Sally." Or maybe "Money." We lived in Maplewood, and before there were freeways, Met Center was in another part of the world. The plan was that we would take a bus back to St. Paul after the show. But in my euphoria I thought I saw Louise Harrison Caldwell in a limo and took off after it. Michele didn't, though, and that was the last we saw of each other in the emptying parking lot. She went from bus to bus calling my name, but eventually got on a bus and went back to St. Paul. I took a different tack, returning to where I'd last seen her, hoping she'd return. I ended up calling my mom to come and get me in that other part of the world.

A year earlier I attended the first showing of "A Hard Day?s Night." I arrived very early (with Michele in tow,) and wore strong-toed shoes in case I needed to kick my way to the front of the screaming, singing, crying crowd waiting for the doors to open. I stayed for three showings, madly in love with four boys who changed my world.

A few years ago I visited Liverpool, walking the streets they walked, seeing Strawberry Fields, Penny Lane, The Cavern, and their childhood homes. Very moving. I still look fondly at their early photos and can be brought to tears by any number of Beatles' songs or by sitting on the curb across 72nd Street from the Dakota.

I know I'll often stop and think about them!
- Colleen, Roseville

The Beatles were set up between the pitchers mound and second base. Paul would point to left field and they would cheer. I was 15. I went with my brother Bill and my cousin Greg. We sat on the third deck behind home plate. It was a beautiful August evening. The song I remember best was I'm Down. There were about 20,000 people there.
-Mike, Albuquerque, New Mexico

My mom ordered tickets for me 13 and my cousin 10 through the mail. I still have my stub! We screamed through the whole thing. My brother and his girlfriend were there also, much better seats than ours. Funny thing is my friend just drove up there the day of the concert and bought tickets right there and got in - imagine that - not buying tickets in advance to see the Beatles! It is my best memory ever.... BEATLES 4 EVER!!!
-Candy, Shakopee, Minnesota

I was 12 the year the Beatles came to Minnesota. My friend Donna and I bought tickets by sending in to WDGY Radio. I think the tickets were $10, which was a lot! Donna's parents took us to the Met Stadium and dropped us off, they were going to dinner at the Thunderbird and would pick us up after the concert. We had seats in a box behind home plate. We both bought the programs that has great, large black and white photos of each of the Fab Four John was my favorite. While we waited for the concert to begin, we were being warned by the cops and other adults not to scream or they would stop the concert. There was one girl in the row near us that keept saying she didn't really like the Beatles, but got the tickets for free, when the Beatles came on she started the cry and cried thru the entire concert! We all sang, yelled, and laughed ... guess that would sound like screams! Everyone in our box had a program and we would hold up a certain Beatles photo and a couple of times, they waved or pointed at us. We thought we had died and gone to heaven. The concert was great , altho I don't remember hearing much music! After the concert there were rumors all over about which door the Beatles would exit from little did we know they were already gone from the area, so we followed the crowd for a while until Donna's parents picked us up. I still have fond memories of the entire Beatlemania period, in fact I am reading The Beatles by Bob Spitz right now.
-Marykay, St. Paul

I was 15, and my family had moved to Minneapolis from South Dakota so my father could earn his MFA from the U of M. We lived in Dinkytown and I loved riding the bus downtown while listening to the Beatles, Pettula Clark, etc. on my transistor radio. In my tiny bedroom, I would listen to the Hard Days Night LP over and over and over again. I couldn't wait for them to come to town and made many plans to attend the concert with friends, but the week before they came to town, my family moved back to South Dakota, and they could not afford to drive me back just for a silly concert and you'll get to see them again.
-Mark, Austin, Texas

My parents drove down from Deer River and took my sister and me to the Beatles concert. I knew every Beatles song by heart. The show seemed so short, the sound was bad, but I was enthralled. I was so enamored, I could swear Paul was looking at me! The next morning, my Mom came back to our room at the Curtis Hotel, and told my sleepy sister and I that she had gone down to the Lemmington, reached into the limo, and tapped George Harrison on the shoulder. He turned to her with a look of frozen fear, and then relaxed when he saw a middle aged woman with a Butte knit suit and white gloves. They exchanged hellos, and screaming girls descended on my mother asking to touch the gloved hand that touched George. We were so upset that she didnt wake us so that we could experience what she did.
-Sonna, St. Paul

When I was fifteen I travelled from Bismarck, North Dakota, with three friends to attend the Beatles concert. My mother overcame her initial reluctance to give her consent to the trip by recalling that her maternal grandmother had journeyed to Stockholm, Sweden, to hear Jenny Lind sing. My uncle drove us to the airport to see the Beatles arrive and also drove us to the Metropolitan Stadium for the concert. Two of my friends were rabid Beatles fans. Janet had selected John as her Beatle, while Karen was enthralled by George. They bought the most expensive seats and had a closer look. Pauline and I were in the cheap seats near third base. Neither the proximity nor the sound system were great, but it was just fun to be there. Pauline and I were totally appalled that the family seated next to us on the bleachers casually and loudly munched bags of food while the Beatles sang.
-Tracey, St. Paul

I was 13 years old in 1965 and was a budding Beatlemaniac at the time of their visit. I was taking guitar lessons at B Sharp Music in N.E. Mpls. (wasn't every teenage boy?) I remember after my lesson gazing at all the pictures of the local bands on the board and also droolling over all the brand new electric guitars hanging on the wall. One guitar caught my attention it was a new sunburst Rickenbacker Guitar.Being 13 and not being a true guitar maestro did I dare remove it from its place of honor on the wall? Of course I did and after fumbling my way through a rendition of P.S. I Love You. I heard a voice from the owner, Jim Lopez, to please put that guitar back as that particular Rickenbacker was to be given to George Harrison upon The Beatles visit to Minneapolis. My sister and I tried to get our parents to let us attend the concert but to no avail, however, I still feel that I was there and accompanied The Boys every where they went and when The Beatles VI album came out with a picture of George and my GUITAR. I was hooked forever.
-Mike, Milaca, MN

I did not go to the concert, I couldn't afford the $2.50 tickets! But the next morning my uncle called our house. He worked at The Nicollet Hotel, near the Leamington Hotel where the Beatles were staying, and told us what time they were expected to leave. I was 15, but my sister was 10 years older so she could drive. We went downtown, parked in front of the Leamington, and soon the Beatles ran out and jumped in the car in front of us. There, in the back window, feet away from us were Paul and John and they were waving at us. It was such a great, giddy moment! We chased the car as long as we could down Park Ave. I think until they raced out of our sight to the airport.
-Catherine, Minneapolis

This is a post-Beatles memory: True story! In 1994, I said Good Morning to Paul McCartney as he and a bodyguard were walking around Lake of the Isles. I was running around the lake when I saw two men approaching me on the walking path. One looked very familiar - salt and pepper grey hair - a certain familiar walk. Yes, I recognized the walk - Big fan don't you know. The other guy was very brawny. As they got closer, I thought, Man that guy looks a lot like Paul McCartney. Then a few seconds later I realized it WAS Paul McCartney. As we passed, he smiled and said Good Morning. I think I just grunted - overcome by the shock of it all. Later I learned that he had been in town with his late wife Linda. She apparently came to Minnesota regularly to meet with people down in Fairmount I believe that was the town about her frozen veggie dinners - which were made right here in MN!
-John, St. Paul

I'm 19, and a huge Beatles fan. My dad always tells me this story about his cousin, who was one of the Fritzs of Mns Fritzie Fresh. After the concert, my dads cousin ran down to the dugouts with all the other kids, because thats where the Beatles were leaving the field. My dads cousin flashed John a peace sign, and John flashed him one back! What a memory, to know you interacted with one of the greastest musicians of all time!
-Reid, Isanti, MN

I went to the Beatles concert with my sister and some friends. We were thrilled to get seats in the fifteenth row up from home base. As Diane, my sister, and I were walking excitedly into the stadium, we ran into our older brother Dennis. He had just gotten done feeding dinner to the Beatles along with his two friends. We were hysterical! What did they say? What did they eat? And by the way, you did save the dishes didn't you?? I nearly died when he said he gave them to Bill Diehl, the disc jockey of WDGY radio. He gave them to Bill Diehl so that Bill Diehl would help Dennis get into the press conference along with his wife, Leslie. As a beginner journalist, Dennis, was ready to make quite an impression for the newspaper for which he was working. At the time, I wasnt ready to hear he traded the interests of his sisters to his career. The good thing about it was, he made copies of all the pictures he took at the press conference. I have saved them to this day. Oh, do they bring back wonderful memories. And the concert??? Wonderful! But George never did ask me to marry him. I couldn't have said yes anyway. I was too hoarse from screaming.
-Denise, Minneapolis, MN

I was only 4 years old when they came to the Met, but I remember listening to their songs on 45s. Some of my best memories of when I was younger was working on a puzzle with my dad, and he would let me play the Beatle records. He didnt care for other rock bands but he would enjoy a lot of the early Beatle tunes. Those were some of the best times I had with my dad, especially since I didn't care to go fishing. oops I mean not as much. My dad loved to go fishing but I didn't. We always could count on the Beatles and spending time together.
-Ed, St. Paul, MN

My mother was at the Beatles concert in 1965. She no longer lives in Minnesota, but I'm sending her a copy of the article in hopes that she recognizes some of the photos, and maybe still has some of her own to share.
-Brian, St. Paul, MN

I was 11 years old when I attended this concert with three girlfriends. Together we had formed our own Beatles group and we played air guitar and sang along with Beatles tunes for all the very local talent shows. We even won one! I was Paul. Girlfriends Gwen - Ringo, Candy - George and Janine - John made up the rest of the group. We were all neighbors in the village of Birchwood, White Bear Lake, MN. My Mom gave us a ride to the concert, two 11-year olds, and two 13-year-olds. When she saw the crush of people, I think she was hesitant to let us go, but we popped open the doors and took off with the crowd. I was wearing a red plaid sailor dress and knee-high stockings. It was an amazing concert- I think we stood through the whole thing- and we were mesmerized throughout. The Shags were the warm up band and I got a signature from one of the members. I still have it - somewhere. It was my first live concert, and to this day ranks as the most memorable.
-Gail, Missoula, MT

My father bought us tickets from a friend and my sister Tami and I brought two friends along. We sat in the press box on the first base side. I remember the windows in the press box being open and the warm air coming in. Whe the Beatles came out of the third base dugout the fans screamed and flashbulbs went off everywhere as they made their way to the stage..You couldnt hear the songs much because of all the screaming. My sister and her friend were crying and screaming so loud my friend Scott and I just laughed. It was a great experience now that I look back on it and all thats happened since then.
-Steve, Webster, MN