Transcript for Historic Fort Snelling Public Input Process

Phyllis Goff: Hi, my name is Phyllis Goff and I’m a member of the Minnesota Historical Society’s governing board.

Over the next few months I’m leading a statewide effort to gather public opinion on the naming of Historic Fort Snelling, Minnesota’s first National Historic Landmark.

For many years the Minnesota Historical Society has been broadening the stories shared at Historic Fort Snelling and all MNHS sites and museums.

As part of a revitalization now underway at the site, we’re looking at whether the current name adequately reflects the expanded stories: Stories of the women and men whose paths have crossed here: including soldiers, veterans and their families, enslaved and free African Americans, Japanese Americans, and Native Americans who have lived in the area for thousands of years.

Visitors have so far told us we’re on the right track. They want to hear these complex stories which allow them to more clearly see themselves in the site’s history.

We invite you to share your thoughts on the naming of Historic Fort Snelling in the next few months by attending a public meeting or visiting our online portal:

Once we’ve gathered input, the governing board will determine a course of action.

Should the board recommend a name change or revision, it would then go to the Minnesota legislature for consideration.

Our vision for Historic Fort Snelling is to inspire a better future by being a place where people learn, share, and connect to all the complex stories that shape history in Minnesota—So please join in this important conversation. We look forward to your input and support.

Thank you.