School Records

  • College and University Resources
  • County Superintendent of Schools Records
    • Records provide countywide information about students and teachers
    • Search the library catalog by county name and "Superintendent of Schools," e.g. Crow Wing County Superintendent of Schools
  • Private School Records
  • Public School District Records
    • Records of approximately 3,000 rural and independent school districts. The records are cataloged under the school district number at the time the records were created.
    • Search the library catalog by:
      1. the county name and school district number,
      2. the name of the school, or
      3. the township or city name and the term "school," plus the county name if the township or city is a common name.
  • School Publications
    • Primarily yearbooks, although there are some other publications, for college-level institutions, and junior and senior high schools. There is an in-house guide for yearbooks.
    • You may also search the library catalog by name of school and the term "yearbooks"
  • State Special Educational Facilities