Web Design Intern

Enterprise Development
Manager of Web and Mobile Services, Web Project Managers
10-20 hours per week
Minnesota History Center
Summer 2018 (June-August)
Project summary: 

The intern will assist with the production and maintenance of publicly facing Web resources (e.g. the main MNHS.org website and other related sites and projects). Emphasis may be on design, content, coding, analytics, and/or other types of production work, depending on current needs and intern’s strengths, interests, and abilities. The intern will work with direction and assistance from professional Web staff and others from various areas of MNHS. Other projects as assigned, contributing to a range of professional experiences. Students will work in an office environment, with most of their time spent working on a computer. While many Web technologies are used, the primary platform for new work is Drupal.

Ideal degree(s): 
Business/Management, Computer Science, Education, History, IT/Computer Science, Multimedia
Student qualifications: 
  • Must have basic experience working with Web design, programming, and development (HTML, CSS, content management systems, Adobe suite, etc.).
  • Drupal experience not required, however a desire and aptitude to work with Drupal is a plus.
  • Web site information architecture knowledge is a plus.  
Student responsibilities: 
  • Update existing Web resources with new content or functionality
  • Contribute to the design of new resources when needed
  • Support the ongoing maintenance of both public Web resources and internal Google sites
  • Participate as needed in discussions as part of the creative process
  • Prepare multimedia assets for web delivery
  • Conduct analysis of user behavior with user testing and analytics tools
  • Other projects as assigned
Knowledge intern is expected to gain: 
  • Practical, i.e. can claim on a resume, experience with web design, maintenance and development
  • Work samples for student portfolio
  • Experience working on Web development with museum professionals
  • Drupal and other contemporary Web-based experience
  • Learn how program staff and the Web development team function in a non-profit setting