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American Indian Museum Fellows Intern

MN History Center, Exhibitions & Diversity Initiatives
Inclusion and Community Engagement Associate
8-10 hours per week
Minnesota History Center
Spring 2018 (January-May)
Unpaid; A limited number of diversity stipends are available for eligible candidates.
Project summary: 

This internship is designed to involve a student in the multiple aspects of program planning specifically through the planning of the American Indian Museum Fellows at the Minnesota Historical Society. The intern is expected to support the program staff in and outside of the office on tasks geared toward the planning and development of the American Indian Museum Fellowship. The intern will also be provided the opportunity to learn more about the Historical Society’s DICE programs and initiatives. Interns will be expected to support the DICE staff on preparing other summer programs depending on time of year and intern availability.

American Indian Museum Fellowship: The American Indian Museum Fellows Program engages American Indian undergraduate students and challenges them to explore careers in historical interpretation and cultural preservation. The program promotes understanding between tribal communities and cultural organizations, and aims to further diversify the museum field with indigenous professionals.  Students spend approximately two and half weeks exploring tribal and cultural organizations throughout MN in a residential program.

Ideal degree(s): 
American Studies, Anthropology, Education, History, Museum Studies, Public History
Student qualifications: 

Interest in public history, educational programs, museum studies, a strong work ethic, good communication and collaboration skills as well as the ability to work independently. Strong applicants will have previous experience with programs through either past participation in programs or planning of programs through school or volunteer associations. Past program participant in AIMF preferred.

Student responsibilities: 
  • Review the readings for the summer and create PDFs of final selections
  • Assist with logistical preparation of program (specifically with regard to setting travel and helping to prepare the summer cohort’s agenda)
  • Recruit American Indian students on college campuses throughout the state for AIMF and other Fellowship offerings at MNHS
  • Assist with data collection and analysis for evaluation and reports
  • Create binders, folders, and other materials for cohort participants (readings, medical forms, payment information, etc.)
Knowledge intern is expected to gain: 
  • Behind the scenes knowledge, planning, and implementation of AIMF
  • Interviewing skills and experience (as the interviewer)
  • Experience with data collection and knowledge of program reporting process 
  • Familiarity with the MNHS and its varying departments and program offerings
  • Increased knowledge of history in the nontraditional narrative
  • Increase awareness of museum field career
  • A greater appreciation of cultural preservation, especially regarding American Indians 
Additional required submissions: 

100-150 word statement on your experience working with students or groups from diverse or traditionally underrepresented communities.  Underrepresented communities is a term that is open to interpretation and commonly references (but is not limited to) cultural, ethnic, sexual orientation, or religious backgrounds.