Transcript for Jeffers Petroglyphs Field Trip Video

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Male Narrator: Before texting, [ Typing ]

Narrator: Before email, even before our alphabet

Kids: A, B, C...

Narrator: and ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, there were people, here in Minnesota, who communicated by carving symbols into rocks.

Girl 1: And I'm surprised it didn't disappear.

Narrator: Bison, Snakes, Turtles, Thunderbirds, Weapons.... For thousands of years, American Indians have come to Jeffers Petroglyphs to worship.

Man 1: Everybody feels the sacredness and specialness of this place.

Narrator: With these carvings, they recorded the story of their lives.

Boy 1: The fact that it's in Minnesota is really cool!

Narrator: When you visit Jeffers Petroglyphs, you'll get to see many of the carvings.

Girl 2: It starts from right here and they probably went like that or something.

Narrator: You'll throw a spear, with an atlatl.

Boy 2: Ohh.

Narrator: At a buffalo target.

Man 1: Oh, excellent!

Narrator: And you'll create your own winter count symbol.

Man 2: Each symbol represents one year in this tribe's life.

Narrator: You'll learn about the American Indians who interacted with these carvings.

Man 1: Now you see it?

Students: Oooh, yeah!

Man 1: Isn't that something? How that shows up?

Narrator: And find out some of their meanings.

Man 1: What do you suppose that might be?

Narrator: What do you think that symbol is?

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Think about it, talk about it, and see it for yourself. At Jeffers Petroglyphs.

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