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Civil War Letters of the Christie Family

Author: Alexander S. Christie
Date: April 6, 1865
Location: Goldsboro, North Carolina
Addressee: Thomas D. Christie
Description: Expecting to find both brothers in camp, Alexander is crushed to find that Thomas is on furlough and William has been captured by the Confederates.

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Goldsboro N.C., April 6th

My Dear Brother:

I have deferred writing to you untill today to afford myself time to collect my thoughts somewhat for I was completely confounded on my arrival here at learning the sad news of Willie's capture by the Enemy & your departure for the north.

And strange to say, you left the station for New Bruno an hour after my arrival in the outskirts of the town after a six-day march from Wilmington.

All these things combined so staggered me that I hardly feel like writing now, but I know it is my duty to do it.

The afternoon of the 4th I went over to the camp of the Battery and in company with Ed Everts and them learned the particulars of Willie's capture, and I now feel satisfied that he is a prisoner of war at most. Ed. Everts could not tell me enough about it to enable me to decide whether it was a regular confederate force or not that took him, and therefore, I was afraid it might have been Guerrillas.

But it is hard enough as it is. I got all the letters from Southwick and they are now ready to return. He was over this morning and first told me the Glorious News of the Capture of Richmond

I cannot write more now, as I have not time and don't feel like it either.

I am in the best of health. had a tough time coming through, but am the better of it.

These are [ ? ] on of an [ ? ].

Tell Father to send me a few post stamps.

Your most Affectionate Brother
A.S. Christie

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