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Women in the Military During World War II

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16 December 1944

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Q. Hope
Winnegabo, Minnesota

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Hope:

It was with deep personal regret that I received the report of the death of your daughter, Virginia M. Hope. Your daughter was assigned to this organization from 27 November 1943 to 21 November 1944 during which time she rendered a highly essential service. Her fine character and friendly attitude endeared her to the personnel of the Weather Wing.

As a member of the WASP her services were indeed a great contribution to our war effort. General H. H. Arnold, Commanding General of the Army Air Forces, in commending the contribution of the WASP to the Army Air Forces, recently said, "The WASP have been just as integral a part of the Army Air Forces as their Civil Service status would permit, and have been not only performing highly essential services but also have opened previously unknown facts concerning the capabilities of women in the highly specialized flying jobs. This knowledge will be of inestimable value should another national emergency arise."

We of the Weather Wing cherish with you the memory of Miss Hope and are proud to have had her as a member of this command. We offer our sincere condolences to you in your bereavement.

Very sincerely yours,

Colonel, Air Corps

page 1 - transcription

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