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1962 Gubernatorial Recount

Recount, by Ronald F. Stinnett and Charles H. Backstrom.Recount book cover
Washington, D.C.: National Document Publishers, 1964.
MHS call number: JK 6152 1962 .S7


Minnesota's Close Election
Author's Note

Part I - Why a Recount?

1. Governor by .007%
2. Background of the Battle for Ballots
3. Charge and Countercharge

Part II – The Long Election Night

4.  Needed—The Canoe Vote
5.  Ballot Tug-of-War

Part III – The Big Unknown

6.  Vying for the Venue
7.  “If in Doubt—Challenge”
8.  “What’s the Correct Count?”
9.  Too Many Challenged Ballots
10. Recount Trail—Phase One
11. Still Too Many Challenged Ballots
12. Recount Trial—Phase Two
13. After 139 Days

Part IV – Views of the Three-Judge Panel

14. Views of the Three-Judge Panel

Part V – Analysis of Election Error

15. Vote Changes During the Recount
16. Types of Error
17. Invalid Ballots

Appendix A – Inspectors in the Recount

Appendix B – Precinct Results