Lindbergh Foundation

The Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Foundation was created in 1977, the 50th Anniversary year of Charles Lindbergh’s New York-to-Paris flight.

The mission of the foundation is to further the Lindberghs' vision of promoting a balance between the advance of technology and the preservation of the natural environment. The foundation was created by friends of the Lindberghs to honor their pioneering contributions in aviation, exploration, conservation, sciences, and the humanities.


  • The Air Shepherd initiative is a citizen-funded drone program created to help save African elephants and rhinos from illegal poaching and imminent extinction.
  • The foundation gives awards to individuals who have made significant contributions to balancing technology and nature, individuals who make positive contributions to the world, and corporations that demonstrate dedication to the environment and improving quality of life through their business practices. The grants are in amounts of up to $10,580, a symbolic figure representing the original cost of the Spirit of St. Louis. Although the amount granted may be small, the prestige attached to the foundation enables most recipients to gain additional support for their work.