Minnesota Historical Society Education: History Live to Deliver Two Dynamic New Lessons

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August 22, 2013
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Minnesota Historical Society Education: History Live to Deliver Two Dynamic New Lessons


History LiveTechnology is connecting Minnesota students around the state to history through award-winning History Live lessons, available for students in grades 2-12. Using video conferencing technology, museum educators guide students through action-packed,
in-depth, live lessons about history topics. Students also examine objects, photographs and documents that bring the lessons to life.

All 10 History Live programs are based on national and state academic standards. Each lesson is supported with interdisciplinary
curricular materials for teachers.

History Live received 2011 and 2012 Pinnacle awards from the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration. The awards are based on teacher evaluations.

Designed for Different Learning Styles, Two New Lessons

Each History Live lesson is designed with different learning styles in mind, encouraging kids to see, hear, repeat and act with hands-on activities. For example, in the popular “Inventions that Changed the Nation” lesson for grades 3-6, students are encouraged to re-enact the dynamics of a car crash in their classroom in order to study the scientific method and the invention of the retractable seat belt.

New! Messages Through Time: American Indian Culture Preserved in Stone (Grades 4-6): Students will explore early American Indian culture recorded 7,000 years ago through rock carvings at Jeffers Petroglyphs in Southwestern Minnesota. Students will discover how American Indian people communicated before the alphabet and how their stories and culture continue to thrive today.

New! The Dred Scott Family and the National Debate Over Slavery (Grades 9-12): Students will discover how a family’s desire to secure its freedom collided with the nation’s debate over slavery. With help from a trained educator at the Minnesota History Center, students exercise critical thinking skills, examine primary sources and explore the issues leading to the Supreme Court’s infamous Dred Scott Decision of 1857. Students are invited to bring and use a cellphone, smart-phone, tablet or laptop to participate in this lesson.

Other History Live Lessons Include:

• Loons and Lady Slippers: All about Minnesota, grades 2-6
• Mission: Expedition, a journey with French cartographer Joseph Nicollet to explore the land
and people of the Upper Midwest during westward expansion, grades 3-6

• A Voyage Into the Past: The Great Lakes Fur Trade, grades 4-6

• Becoming Citizens of a Territory: Lessons of a One-Room Schoolhouse, grades 2-6

• Inventions That Changed the Nation, meet three inventors who changed how we live today,
grades 3-6

• 1900s Logging Camp: The Life of a Lumberjack, grades 4-6
• Media Literacy: 1968 – A Year That Changed America, grades 9-12
• The Civilian Conservation Corps: A Good Deal From the New Deal, grades 4-6

Learn more about all History Live lessons at www.historylivetv.org.