Minnesota Historical Society Education: New Innovative History Education Programs Coming Soon

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August 22, 2013
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Minnesota Historical Society Education: New Innovative History Education Programs Coming Soon

Digital Natives Will “Play the Past” With Handheld Technology

Play the PastIn early 2014, students on field trips to the “Then Now Wow” exhibit at the Minnesota History Center will be able
to “Play the Past,” a groundbreaking new way for students to use hand-held technology to explore history and extend their field trip back to the classroom.

Students will use iPods provided by the History Center that are loaded with the “Play the Past” mobile application. The app will encourage students to answer questions, solve problems and “collect” digital artifacts by scanning QR codes throughout the exhibit, allowing students to personalize their experience.

The items collected will then be stored in the students’ “digital backpacks” to be accessed online back in the classroom for further study and post-field trip projects.

A classroom toolkit will also be available to help teachers incorporate the content from students’ digital backpacks into future lessons and build on the fundamental strengths of field trips as supplements to classroom instruction. Visit www.mnhs.org/playthepast for more information.

Classroom Curriculum Kits: Three New Multimedia Options
Also in 2014, teachers can engage their students with three new hands-on history curriculum kits from the Minnesota Historical Society. Based on the success of the Society’s Ojibwe Shoulder Bag Activity Kit, www.mnhs.org/shoulderbag, each new kit will feature multimedia resources that immerse students in experiences that enhance their understanding of history, math and social studies.

• The new Dred and Harriet Scott Curriculum Kit will help meet state social studies standards for grades 6-12. Dramatic video and primary-source based activities will help students examine the story of the Dred Scott family at Fort Snelling and how their struggle for freedom from slavery led to the Supreme Court’s infamous Dred Scott Decision
of 1857.

• The new Lumberjack Math Curriculum Kit will help meet math and social studies standards for grades 5-6. Using the story of lumberjack life and their everyday challenges, students will explore important math concepts in a fun, relevant way.

• The new Dakota Painted Buffalo Hide Activity is designed for students grades 4-8 and features Dakota artist Fern Cloud and her painted buffalo hides. Students learn about important aspects of Dakota culture while completing their own art activity.