Winners of the 2014 State History Day Competition Announced

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May 5, 2014
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Winners of the 2014 State History Day Competition Announced

The winners of the 2014 National HistoryDay in Minnesota State Competition were announced Saturday, May 3 in an awards ceremony held at the University of Minnesota. The first- and second-place winners from each of 18 project categories earned an invitation to the National History Day competition at the University of Maryland, College Park, June 15-19.

Students presented projects in the categories of exhibits, documentary films, historical performances, websites and research papers, based on the 2014 History Day theme, "Rights and Responsibilities in History."

Student winners hail from across the state including the Twin Cities, New Prague, Elk River, Moose Lake, Rochester, Jackson and Chatfield. The top two junior division and senior division entries from around the state are:

Junior Individual Exhibit

  • “Blowout!: Chicano Civil Rights and the Responsibility of Los Angeles Schools”
    Elisa Lopez, Seward Montessori School (Minneapolis)
  • “Ryan White”
    Terra Sikorski, Sunrise Park Middle School (White Bear Lake)

Junior Group Exhibit

  • “Michael J. Dowling: Taking Responsibility for the Educational Rights of the Disabled” Jana Miller, Jacqueline Roueche, Keewaydin Community School (Minneapolis)
  • “The Americans With Disabilities Act”
    Allison Ackerknecht, Kari Breuer, Margaret Philippi, Sunrise Park Middle School (White Bear Lake)

Senior Individual Exhibit

  • “Protecting our Food Supply”
    Alli Hanson, Chatfield Public Schools (Chatfield)
  • “Orphan Train”
    Abby Vidmar, DeLaSalle High School (Minneapolis)

Senior Group Exhibit

  • “Racism in our Hometown: The Arthur Lee Family, Minneapolis, 1931”
    Molly Hynes, Emily Voigt, Cretin-Derham Hall High School
    (St. Paul)
  • "'Have You No Decency’: Government's Responsibility to Protect Fourth Amendment Rights”
    Shelby Benson, Erica Pietz, Jackson County Central High School (Jackson)

Junior Individual Documentary

  • “The Tuskegee Syphilis Study: The Right of Test Subjects and the Responsibilities of Physicians”
    Noah Solomon, Friends School of Minnesota (St. Paul)
  • “Japanese Internment Camps: Rights Responsibilities and Reparations”
    Mary Jo Dalsin, St. Wenceslaus School (New Prague)

Junior Group Documentary

  • “The Abraham Lincoln Brigade and the Spanish Civil War”
    Bjorn Holm, Sam Dale-Gau, Eli Sage-Martinson, Open World Learning Community, St. Paul
  • “Tragedy in the Factory: The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire”
    Jordan McGinty, Sydney Mischke, Buffalo Middle School (Buffalo)

Senior Individual Documentary

  • “The Church Committee's Investigation of the Huston Plan”
    Maddie Pavek, Century High School (Rochester)
  • “Violations of Rights in the Obedience Experiments: How Stanley Milgram Shocked the World”
    Tessa Newman-Heggie, Highland Park Sr. High School (St. Paul)

Senior Group Documentary

  • “Ridding Society of the Unfit: Losing Rights at the Expense of Society's Responsibilities”
    Mercedes Moffett, Courtney Laine, Moose Lake School (Moose Lake)
  • “The Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906”
    Yan F. Zhou Chen, Joseph H. Vo, Washington Secondary Complex (St. Paul)

Junior Individual Performance

  • “The Right to Life: Ann Bilansky's Influence on Minnesota's Death Penalty Laws
    Jocie Coffler, Lake Harriet Community School (Minneapolis)
  • “The 19th Amendment: The Culmination of Determination”
    Emily Albert-Stauning, Capitol Hill Magnet School (St. Paul)

Junior Group Performance

  • “Canoes and Controversy: Paddling Through the Environmental Movement in Minnesota”
    Sarah Merkling, Jenna Olawsky, Elizabeth Rumreich, Salk Middle School (Elk River)
  • “Lewis Hine: Letting Children Be Children”
    Yaneira Calderon Rodas, Carolina Gomez Diaz, Chaska Middle School West (Chaska)

Senior Individual Performance

  • “‘The Day God Got Kicked out of School’: Abington School District vs. Schempp and the Redefinition of Rights and Responsibilities in American Classrooms”
    Nick Reed, Jackson County Central High School (Jackson)
  • “Louisa May Alcott: Writing for Rights”
    Grace Kellar-Long, Open World Learning Community (St. Paul)

Senior Group Performance

  • “Wet and Wild: Society and Alcohol, Rights and Responsibilities”
    Nathaniel Johnston, Shayne Okerstrom, Kit Piepkorn, Summer Eckman, Kiana Alleman, CHOF School (St. Paul)
  • “Right Rev. New Deal”
    Monica Nelson, Billy Menor, Homeschool-John Paul II (Ham Lake)

Junior Paper

  • “Across the Mississippi: The Indian Removal Act of 1830, the 'Trail of Tears,' and the Cherokee Indians”
    Cassidy Bins, Chaska Middle School East (Chaska)
  • “Dr. Kevorkian and the Right to Die Movement”
    Flannery Enneking-Norton, Friends School of Minnesota (St. Paul)

Senior Paper

  • "‘A Covert from the Tempest’: Responsibility, Love and Politics in Britain's Kindertransport”
    Tasha Holtman, South High School (Minneapolis)
  • “At Least They Tried: Why the Dutch Failed to Save Their Jews During World War II”
    Toviya Slager, St. Louis Park High School (St. Louis Park)

Junior Individual Web Site

  • “Enemies Among Us: Minnesota in WWI” (
    Emma Nelson, Capitol Hill Magnet School (St. Paul)
  • “Schooling the First Amendment (
    Maren Viker, Central Middle School (White Bear Lake)

Junior Group Web Site

  • “Building India's Independence on Pillars of Salt (”
    Madhav Singh, Ben Anderson, Luke Peichel, Barton Open School
  • “Korematsu v. United States (
    Sabrina Brown, Anna Lee, Sunrise Park Middle School (White Bear Lake)

Senior Individual Web Site

  • “Toxic Time Bomb: Love Canal, Superfund and the Establishment of Environmental Rights and Responsibilities (
    Samara Kroeger, Highland Park Sr. High School (St. Paul)
  • “Japanese Internment: United States Take Responsibility for Loss of Citizen Rights” (
    Kashia Yang, Washington Secondary Complex (St. Paul)

Senior Group Web Site

  • “Eugenics and Sterilization Laws in the US” (
    Ariana Lopez, Nhi Tran, Megan Holub, Mankato West High School (Mankato)
  • “Lewis Hine: Viewing Child Rights Through a Different Lens” (
    Cedar Thomas, Allison Cramer, St. Louis Park High School (St. Louis Park)

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