State History Day Winners Announced

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May 2, 2011
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State History Day Winners Announced

The winners of the 2011 State History Day Competition have been announced. More than 1,200 students competed on Sunday, May 1, at the University of Minnesota. The first- and second-place winners from each of 18 project categories earned an invitation to the National History Day competition at the University of Maryland, College Park, June 12-16.

Students presented projects in the categories of exhibits, documentary films, historical performances, web sites and research papers, based on the 2011 History Day theme, "Debate and Diplomacy in History,"

The two top junior division and senior division entries from around the state are:

Junior Individual Exhibit

  1. Jenn Fabian
    Breck School, Minneapolis

    "The Cuban Missile Crisis: Kennedy's Debate Between Diplomacy and War"
  2. Camille Balhorn
    Robbinsdale Middle School, Robbinsdale

    "The Boundary Waters Treaty:  Sustained Diplomacy"

Junior Group Exhibit

  1. Stephanie Headrick and Madison Lommen
    Breck School, Minneapolis
    "From Famine to Feast:  Debate Over the Successes and Failures of the Green Revolution"
  2. Eve Zelickson and Sophie O'Bryan
    Breck School, Minneapolis
    ""Touching Peace":  The Oslo Accords Diplomatic Effort to Reach Peace Between Palestinians and Israelis"

Senior Individual Exhibit

  1. Merissa Wellman
    Chatfield Public Schools, Chatfield
    "The Dinner Table Bargain"
  2. Leanne Otto
    DeLaSalle High School, Minneapolis
    "Reuniting a Nation:  The Road to Reconstruction"

Senior Group Exhibit

  1. Adam Kneepkens and Billy Menor
    East High School and Marshall School, Duluth

    "Debate for Economic Stability:  Diplomacy at Bretton Woods"
  2. Eduardo Sanchez Beltran, Duice Gonzaloz Sanchez and Bacilio Ortiz-Sanchez
    Roosevelt High School, Minneapolis

    "Mendez vs. Westminster"

Junior Individual Documentary

  1. Anna Solomon
    Sunrise Park Middle School, White Bear Lake

    "The Universal Declaration of Human Rights"
  2. Roshini Asirvatham
    Friedell Middle School, Rochester

    "A Debate that "Matters": Particle or Wave? Getting it Right with Light"

Junior Group Documentary

  1. Frances Matejcek, Grace Palmer and Becky Norling-Ruggles
    Seward Montessori School, Minneapolis

    "The United Nations' Role in the Israel-Palestinian Conflict"
  2. Josh Gottesman, Jack Dickinson
    Breck School, Minneapolis

    "The Iranian Hostage Crisis: The Success and Failure of Diplomacy"

Senior Individual Documentary

  1. Selena Erstad
    Highland Park Sr. High School, St. Paul

    "The Hetch Hetchy Controversy: A Debate of Conservation vs. Exploitation"
  2. Molly Nemer
    Henry Sibley High School, West St. Paul

    "A Crisis of Constitution: The Exclusion of Japanese Americans in World War II"

Senior Group Documentary

  1. Jennifer Mailee Lor and Evie Harper
    Open World Learning Community, St. Paul

    "The Role of the Eugenicists in the Immigration Debate of 1924"
  2. Mara Johnson, Clara Dockter and Vanessa Voller
    DeLaSalle High School, Minneapolis

    "Near v. Minnesota"

Junior Individual Performance

  1. Sarah Becker
    Our Lady of Perpetual Help Homeschool, Blaine

    "Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882"
  2. Jeremy T. Stephan,
    Holy Rosary School, Duluth

    "Oliver North"

Junior Group Performance

  1. Eleanor Lieder and Rose Wimberley
    Ramsey Junior High School, St. Paul

    "Setting the Table for War"
  2. Carly Zimmerman and Maggie Schmidt
    Cyber Village Academy, St. Paul

    "Civilize or Demoralize: The Dawes Act of 1887"

Senior Individual Performance

  1. Alex Westad
    White Bear Lake High School, White Bear Lake

    "Diplomacy Which Sparked a Debate that Split the Rock: The Indian Occupation of Alcatraz"
  2. Clara Linehan
    Chisago Lakes High School, Chisago Lakes

    "The 1948 Displaced Persons Act: A Debate of Selective Diplomacy"

Senior Group Performance

  1. Shelbi Hayenga and Michaela Shapiro
    St. Louis Park High School, St. Louis Park

    "Debates on Anti-Semitism and the Diplomacy of the Morganthau Report"
  2. Mackenzie Schuett and Katelyn Schuett
    Christ Household of Faith School, St. Paul

    "Cutting Away Your Cares Lobotomy: the Debatable Cure for Madness"

Junior Paper

  1. Emma Chosy
    Lake Harriet Community School, Minneapolis

    "We Had the Cards, Stalin Didn't Fold: The Failed Attempt to Use the Atomic Bomb as a Diplomatic Weapon"
  2. Abigail Lee
    Capitol Hill Magnet School, St. Paul

    "The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938: The Child Labor Debate of the Great Depression"

Senior Paper

  1. Taylor Barker
    Fridley High School, Fridley

    "Debates of the Diplomats: Paul Nitze and George Kennan"
  2. Brandon Johnson
    White Bear Lake High School, White Bear Lake

    "Closing Shop: The Struggle to Unionize Minneapolis"

Junior Individual Web Site

  1. Nathaniel Larson
    Lake Harriet Community School, Minneapolis

    "The Panama Canal Treaties"
  2. Kamran Kelly
    Capitol Hill Magnet School, St. Paul

    "The Consequences of Prohibition and the Volstead Act"

Junior Group Web Site

  1. Samantha Coffler and Kennedy Borman
    Lake Harriet Community School, Minneapolis
    ""False Sense of Security": The Debate over Japanese American Internment"
  2. Sammy Carlson and Grace Haldeman
    Lake Harriet Community School, Minneapolis
    "Iran Hostage Crisis: Consequences of Failed Imperialism"

Senior Individual Web Site

  1. Carlie Cervantes
    DeLaSalle High School, Minneapolis

    "The Bracero Program"
  2. Cara Johnson
    DeLaSalle High School, Minneapolis

    "The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882"

Senior Group Web Site

  1. Jack Duffy, Peter Hamel and Lily Meyer
    DeLaSalle High School, Minneapolis

    "Bad Blood: The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment"
  2. Saida Mahamud-Tukri and Caroline Stevens
    South High School, Minneapolis

    "Western Intervention: The 1953 American-led Coup in Iran"

State finalists will be eligible to compete at the 2011 National History Day competition at the University of Maryland in June.

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