John Dillinger Slept Here

John Dillinger Slept Here

A Crooks' Tour of Crime and Corruption in St. Paul, 1920-1936

Author Paul Maccabee

Crime historian Paul Maccabee spent thirteen years fighting the FBI to obtain more than 100,000 Justice Department files on the notorious Public Enemies era of St. Paul—resulting in his book John Dillinger Slept Here, called “a small masterpiece of social history” by Playboy magazine. As well as being featured in three A&E TV documentaries and the History Channel’s Crime Story documentary, Maccabee has testified before the U.S. Congress on his efforts to crack open long-secret documents about Minnesota’s gangland history. 


Paper, e-book

Category: Travel | True Crime

August 15, 1995

384 pages

7 x 10 inches

ISBN: 9780873513166

John Dillinger Slept Here
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