Minnesota County Fairs

Minnesota County Fairs

Kids, Cows, Carnies, and Chow

Photographer Susan Lambert Miller, Foreword by Shannon Olson

"It's a blustery November day, and I’m thumbing through Susan Miller’s county fair photos, and suddenly—it’s summer. the sun is baking my shoulders, and I’m eating my annula corn dog. I can smell French fries and hay, I can hear kids squealing with delight as they’re flung around on the Tilt-a-Whirl. Flipping through these pages, the best days of the season come back to me.”—Shannon Olson


Category: Art, Photography

July 1, 2009

128 pages

152 color photos

9 x 8 inches

ISBN: 9780873517195

Minnesota County Fairs: Kids, Cows, Carnies, and Chow