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Minnesota's Historic Bridges
Kennedy Bridge

Kennedy Bridge

The Kennedy Bridge, located about 2-1/2 miles southeast of Mankato, carries unpaved Township Road 167 over the Le Sueur River about 3/4 mile east of Minnesota State Highway 22. The bridge is a 140-foot, single-span, wrought iron, pin-connected Pratt through truss bridge. The superstructure of the bridge is supported by stone abutments. The upper chords of the bridge consist of two iron channel sections riveted with a continuous iron top cover plate and batten plates along the lower flanges. The lower chords are punched iron eye-bars; the eye-bars at each end are two panels long. The hip vertical members are forged round iron rods, while the other verticals consist of two iron channel sections riveted with lacing bars. The diagonals are punched iron eye-bars. The counters are round iron turnbuckles. The wood plank deck is supported by timber stringers which sit atop variable-depth, built-up, iron girder floor beams. The floor beams at the hip verticals sit on plates supported by nuts threaded onto the lower ends of the hip verticals. The other floor beams are riveted to the vertical members above the pin-connections. Portal bracing consists of two latticed struts in combination with iron strap cross-bracing. Sway bracing consists of iron I-beam struts. The bridge retains excellent integrity.

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