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Minnesota's Historic Bridges
Zieglers Ford Bridge

Zieglers Ford Bridge

The Zieglers Ford Bridge is a steel, single-span, five-panel, pin-connected Pratt through truss. It carries Township Road 96 over the Big Cobb River. Its overall length is 73 feet and its overall width is 17.7 feet. The bridge's upper cord superstructure consists of paired channels with continuous cover plates riveted on top and batten plates underneath. The main verticals are laced paired channels; the hip verticals are paired forged eye-bars. The lower chord and the diagonals in the 2nd and 4th panels are paired punched eye-bars; in the middle panel the diagonals are turnbuckles. The floor consists of wood planks on wood beam stringers, which rest on the upper flanges of the I-beam floor beams, which in turn are suspended from the pin connections by U-bolts. Portal and sway bracing is of paired angle sections. Top and bottom lateral bracing is round rods. The span rests on coursed, quarry-faced sandstone abutments with wing walls, major refacing and repairs in concrete occurred in 1976. The bridge railing is made of angle sections. The movable end is not visible.

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