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Minnesota's Historic Bridges
Bridge No. L-4770

Bridge No. L-4770

Bridge No. L-4770, located in a rural area of Fillmore County about 2 miles east of Fountain, is a single-span, stone-arch bridge that carries Township Road 213 over Mahoney Creek. Built of gray coursed-rubble limestone, the bridge displays a nearly semicircular arch (10-foot span, 4-foot rise) springing about 7 feet above grade from well-defined impost ledges that extend outward from the intrados about 6 inches. The bridge's limestone matches the area's bedrock, but the quarry site has not been identified. In comparison to similar bridges in Fillmore County, the structure's masonry is precisely cut and laid. Ring stones are rectangular and uniform, measuring about 6 inches in width and 12 inches in height. The bridge's corner stones are sharply squared and masonry joints range from about one-half-inch to 1-inch thick. The spandrel walls are recessed by one course from the flared wing walls. As is common with country stone-arches throughout southeastern Minnesota, the intrados is coated with a thin cement sheath showing formwork impressions from the original centering. The bridge's overall width is 20 feet, 6 inches. On both elevations, the bridge is surmounted by a concrete parapet with angle-iron posts that have lost their rails. The parapets appear to be additions. However, they do not affect the bridge's most significant elements, which are the design of the impost ledges and the configuration of the arch itself. The bridge's masonry, especially the sharply cut corners and distinct coursing, is much more precise than that of other Fillmore County stone-arch bridges.

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