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Minnesota's Historic Bridges
Bullard Creek Bridge

Bullard Creek Bridge

The Bullard Creek Bridge is a steel, single-span, riveted Warren pony truss with verticals. The bridge carries Township Road 43 over Bullard Creek. Its overall length is 63 feet and its overall width is 16 feet. All parts of the bridges superstructure, upper and lower chords, verticals and diagonals, consist of paired angle sections riveted together. The floor system, above the lower chord, is connected to the superstructure with floor beams riveted, via angle sections, to gusset plates on the low ends of the verticals. The floor consists of concrete slabs on I-beam stringers, which rest on angle lugs riveted to the webs of plate girder floor beams. The bridge rests on a substructure of poured concrete abutments with wing walls. The movable end is not visible. The bridge retains good integrity.

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