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Minnesota's Historic Bridges
Bullard Creek Bridge

Bullard Creek Bridge

Historic Name: Bullard Creek Bridge
Mn/DOT Bridge Number: Bridge No. 12
Bridge Type: Warren pony truss

County: Goodhue
City/Township: Hay Creek Twp.
Crossing: Twp. Rd. 43 over Bullard Creek

Bullard Creek Bridge

Engineer: Loweth & Wolff, St. Paul
Contractor: William P. Glardon, Red Wing
Year Built: 1908
Overall Length: 63.0 feet
Overall Width: 16.0 feet

Adapted from the National Register of Historic Places nomination form prepared by Dale Martin, Renewable Technologies, Inc. The Bullard Creek Bridge was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1989.

Summary of Historic Significance
Bridge No. 12 is a steel, single-span, riveted Warren pony truss with verticals. The bridge is historically significant as a representative example of a Warren pony truss. The Warren pony truss was commonly used to span narrow obstacles in the early 20th century. The bridge is also significant as a surviving example of a bridge from the end of the first decade of the 20th century when the state government first attempted standardization of the design and building of bridges. The bridge retains good integrity.

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