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Minnesota's Historic Bridges
Third Street Bridge

Third Street Bridge

The Third Street Bridge is a steel, single-span, riveted Pennsylvania through truss bridge. It carries Third Street North over the Cannon River. Its overall length is 184.3 feet and its overall width is 17.7 feet. The superstructure's upper chord consists of paired channels with continuous cover plates riveted on top and lacing underneath. The lower chord is two sets of paired angles sections connected by batten plates. The hip verticals are paired angles; the main verticals are paired laced channels. The verticals in the sub-divided panels consist of two sets of paired angles below the intersection and lacing between two sets of paired angles above. The diagonals consist of two sets of paired angles; in the sub-divided panels they are two different arrangements of paired angles. The floor consists of asphalt-surfaced concrete slabs on I-beam stringers which rest on angle lugs riveted to the webs of the plate girder floor beams. Angle-section out-riggers support the sidewalk on the west side. The floor beams are riveted, via angle sections, to the lower ends of the verticals. Portal bracing consists of an angle-section lattice between paired angle sections with curved knee braces. Sway bracing is similar, but without knee braces. Top and bottom lateral bracing is angle sections. The substructure consists of poured concrete abutments with wing walls. The railing on the west side (sidewalk) is lattice, with decorative cast iron newel posts. A spray-insulated pipe is on the east side, inside the truss work just above the road level. The movable end, with a rocker foot, is at the north end.

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