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Minnesota's Historic Bridges
Interlachen Bridge

Interlachen Bridge

The Interlachen Bridge, also known historically as the Cottage City Bridge, is located in what was Interlachen Park and now is known as William Berry Park, Minneapolis, Minnesota. The name "Interlachen" came from the "inter-lake" location, between Lake Calhoun on the north and Lake Harriet on the south. The bridge carries William Berry Drive (formerly Interlachen Drive), which joins the roads which circle each lake. This short, gently curving drive passes through the western edge of the relatively small park. With lakes on north and south, it lies between Lakewood Cemetery on the east and an older residential neighborhood on the west.

Aligned on a northwest-southeast axis, Interlachen Bridge is single span, reinforced concrete, filled-spandrel, barrel-arch bridge. The bridge has an overall structure length of 40 feet, with a span length of 38.6 feet. It has an out-out width of 63 feet, carrying a 40-foot roadway and two 7-foot sidewalks. It has U-type abutments. Interlachen Bridge is reinforced with the Melan system of I-beams. The vertical clearance beneath the arch soffit is about 16 feet. With the exception of the soffit of the arch, the entire bridge is faced with limestone. The spandrel areas are faced in blue stone, while the arch ring, abutment faces and railing coping and ends are faced in yellow stone. With the exception of the rounded, bush hammered railing coping and end stones, the remainder of the stone is random-coursed ashlar. Overall, the stylistic treatment and form of Interlachen Bridge is basically Classical Revival.

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