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Minnesota's Historic Bridges
Queen Avenue Bridge

Queen Avenue Bridge

The Queen Avenue Bridge is located in south Minneapolis, Minnesota, where it carries West Lake Harriet Boulevard over the restored street railway right-of-way and track of the Minnesota Transportation Museum. East of the bridge is Lake Harriet and city park land. The remainder of the area around the bridge is residential. Originally, the bridge carried Park Boulevard at its junction with Queen Avenue and was within city park lands.

Aligned on a northwest-southeast axis, the Queen Avenue Bridge is single-span, reinforced concrete, filled-spandrel, skew-barrel-arch bridge. The bridge has an overall structure length of 42 feet with a span length of 40.5 feet. The bridge has an out-out width of 53.1 feet, carrying a 43-foot roadway and a single 6-foot sidewalk on the southwest side. It has U-type abutments and concrete buttresses that parallel the centerline of the span and extend 12 feet beyond the abutment wall. The spring line of the arch is 10 feet above rail-top. The vertical clearance is 9.5 feet.

According to the original bridge plans, the Queen Avenue Bridge has a reinforcing system using longitudinal bars along the intrados and extrados, with shear bars between them. Stylistically, the Queen Avenue Bridge is designed in the Classical Revival mode. It has defined and panelled abutment pilasters and arch ring, with inset panels on the spandrel and abutment walls. The buttress tops follow an ornate, classical curve. The railings are filled-panel concrete slabs with end posts; intermediate posts are extensions of the abutment pilasters. The bridge retains complete design integrity although the extended buttresses have suffered some damage.

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