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Minnesota's Historic Bridges
Bridge No. L-4013

Bridge No. L-4013

Historic Name:
Mn/DOT Bridge Number: Bridge No. L-4013
Bridge Type: Masonry arch

County: Houston
City/Township: Black Hammer Twp.
Crossing: Twp. Rd. 126 over dry stream bed

Bridge No. L-4013

Engineer: Alfred J. Rasmussen
Year Built: ca. 1915
Span Length: 12 feet, 6 inches
Length of Arch Barrel: 18 feet, 2 inches

Adapted from the National Register of Historic Places nomination form prepared by Jeffery A. Hess. Bridge No. L-4013 was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1990.

Summary of Historic Significance
Bridge No. L-4013 is a singe-span, stone-arch bridge that carries an unpaved east-west road over a branch of Riceford Creek. Located in a wooded rural area of Houston County about 8 miles west of the Caledonia, the bridge is built of coursed-ashlar, buff-colored limestone. The bridge is historically significant for the engineering embodied in its design and construction. Constructed in 1915, the structure is important as the only surviving, authenticated example of an early 20th century, state-designed, stone-arch bridge.

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