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Minnesota's Historic Bridges
Split Rock Bridge

Split Rock Bridge

The Split Rock Bridge is a single-span stone-arch highway bridge that carries County Road 54 over Split Rock Creek. The bridge is located in a rural area of Pipestone County about one mile south of Ihlen. Surviving in unaltered condition, the bridge forms part of the western boundary of the Split Rock Creek State Recreational Reserve. Split Rock Bridge is constructed of locally quarried, bluish-pink Sioux Quartzite with rock-faced and split-faced surfaces. Symmetrically framed by stepped, flared, random-ashlar wing walls, the bridge displays a single segmental arch with random-ashlar spandrel walls. Rising 12 feet over a span of 50 feet, the arch springs about 12 feet above grade from coursed-ashlar abutments. The bridge's overall width is about 28 feet. Except for oversized keystones, the rectangular ring stones are of uniform size and shape. Masonry joints are about one-half inch thick. Surmounted by a well-defined coping, the parapets rise above roadway level to serve as railings. At the south end of the east railing, a commemorative stone plaque bears the inscription: "Split Rock Bridge/ Works Progress/ Administration/ Project/ 1938."

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