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Minnesota's Historic Bridges
Bridge No. 92247

Bridge No. 92247

Bridge No. 92247 carries Lexington Avenue over an abandoned, east-west street railway right-of-way. The bridge is located within the boundaries of Como Park, northwest of downtown St. Paul, Minnesota. It is a short distance north of east-west Horton Avenue, which is the southern boundary of the south central part of the park. Como Park is the city's major urban park and was designed in the 19th century to encompass the wooded and grassy rolling hills around Lake Como.

Bridge No. 92247 is a single-span, filled-spandrel, three-center-curve-intrados arch bridge, with an overall structure length of 53 feet, a clear span of 38 feet, with an out-out width of 53 feet. The bridge carries a 36.4-foot roadway, with two 7-foot sidewalks. The rise is about 7.5 feet, with a vertical clearance beneath the arch soffit of 16 feet. The U-abutments are integral with the spandrel walls and the arch is made monolithic with the abutment walls. The bridge is reinforced with 16 segmental I-beam Melan ribs, 5 inches deep and 38 inches apart on centers. The ends of the I-beams rest on 2-inch by 2-inch horizontal transverse angles embedded in the abutment concrete. There webs are connected by horizontal tie rods. All the exposed concrete surfaces, except the arch soffit, is faced with random-coursed ashlar Kettle River sandstone, including the abutment face beneath the spring line. The coping has a bush-hammered surface. Overall, the stylistic treatment and form is Classical Revival.

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