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Minnesota's Historic Bridges
Dump Road Bridge

Dump Road Bridge

The Dump Road Bridge, sometimes called the "Old Rusty Bridge, is a single, steel, pin-connected Pratt through truss main span, with two steel stringer approach spans. The bridge carries Township Road 45 over the Straight River. The bridge's overall length is 134.2 feet and the overall width is 16.2 feet. The main span rests on piers each consisting of a pair of cylindrical, concrete-filled, riveted steel plate caissons. The approach spans rest on the piers and abutments, each of which consists of steel I-beam piles, a steel channel section sill and a timber plank back wall. The upper cords of the superstructure of the main span consist of two steel channel sections riveted with a continuous steel top cover plate and batten plates along the lower flanges. The lower chords are punched steel eye-bars. The hip vertical members are forged square steel eye-bars. The other verticals consist of two steel channel sections riveted with lacing bars. The diagonals are punched steel eye-bars and the counters are square steel turnbuckles. The timber plank deck is supported by steel I-beam stringers bolted atop the steel I-beam floor beams, which are suspended from the superstructure by U-bolts. Diagonal portal bracing consists of a paired angle sections. Sway bracing consists of struts, four steel angle sections riveted with lacing bars and paired angle section knee braces.

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