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Bridge No. 1482

Bridge No. 1482

Bridge No. 1482 is a steel, single-span, king-post pony truss bridge located in a rural setting in Schoneman County Park, just east of U.S. Highway 75. Roadway width is 15 feet, overall width is 15.7 feet. The structure is oriented on a northeast-southwest axis across a shallow channel by a small pond. Most connections are riveted. Verticals, however, are attached by pins top and bottom. Steel for the bridge was provided by Cambria and Inland Steel. Steel members are painted green, the bridge's original color. The upper chord consists of two back-to-back channels covered by a plate on top and connected by battens below. Two looped, rectangular-section bars make up the bottom chord. Verticals are a pair of looped, square rods, encircling a pin at each end. Diagonal bracing stretches from the top chord to a plate at the lower end of the vertical. The single floor beam, a rolled I-beam, is connected to the lower vertical pin by a U-bolt. I-beam stringers are bolted to the floor beam. Continuous curved sections of corrugated metal provide bracing between the stringers. The metal apparently served as form work to facilitate pouring the concrete deck. Bands of steel and low concrete curbs edge the deck. Two angles form the railings. The bridge is braced at the verticals by outriggers formed from back-to-back angles. The superstructure rests on concrete abutments surrounded by dirt. No builder's plate is attached to the bridge, although a modern, free-standing sign near the southeast abutment describes the history of the bridge.

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