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Minnesota's Historic Bridges
Bridge No. L-2162

Bridge No. 2162

Bridge No. L-2162 is located in the southwest part of the Rose Dell Township, south of Jasper, Minnesota. The bridge carries gravel-surfaced County Road 51 over a tributary of Split Rock Creek. Aligned on a northeast-southwest axis, instead of true north-south because this section line road curves to accommodate a bend in the creek, Bridge No. L-2162 is a single-span, reinforced concrete, filled-spandrel, barrel-vaulted, low-rise, arch bridge with slightly flared wing-wall abutments. Overall structure length is 64 feet and the span length is 56 feet. The out-out deck width is 18.6 feet, carrying a 16-foot roadway and no sidewalks. The vertical clearance above the water is approximately 12 feet.

A straight and level concrete coping is continuous across the floor line and wing-walls. The railings are straight, flat slabs, across the span only. There is no railing on the wing-walls. Each railing terminates in a tapered, cylindrical, separately-cast, concrete post, which is carried down the abutment side-wall to the spring line. The railing and post carry a continuous, flat coping. A cast molding follows the underside of each coping. On the top center of the west railing, pressed in concrete, are the name of the contractor, P.N. Gillham, the names of the Rose Dell Township Board members and the names of the two county commissioners appointed to the joint township-county committee established to oversee the bridge project. The date is not marked. Stylistically, the bridge exhibits Classical Revival elements, including the coping, molding and end posts. These particular features are found on all bridges identified as being constructed by P.N. Gillham. The bridge has not been altered and the vulnerable end posts have not been damaged.

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