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Minnesota's Historic Bridges
Bridge No. L-6007

Bridge No. L-6007

Bridge No. L-6007, surrounded by municipal, wooded, park land in the southwestern part of the Duluth, is an unaltered, single-span, stone-arch highway bridge that carries an unpaved section of Skyline Parkway over Stewart Creek. Bridge No. L-6007 is built of dark-green locally quarried gabbro, an abundant, commonly used building material in the Duluth area. Springing about 7 feet above grade from rubble abutments, the single elliptical arch leaps a deep ravine, rising about 10 feet over a span of 30 feet. The voussoirs are well-blocked and very uniform. The rubble spandrel walls are roughly coursed with massive, crudely shaped blocks, extending, backwards in a continuous line to form retaining walls for the approaches. Lined with gabbro boulders roughly worked into pinnacles, the approaches lead up to railings topped with double, sawtooth rows of gabbro that define the span of the arch. The bridge's overall width is about 29 feet.

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