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Minnesota's Historic Bridges
Zumbro Parkway Bridge

Zumbro Parkway Bridge

The Zumbro Parkway Bridge, located immediately south of Zumbro Falls in a rural area of Wabasha County, is an unaltered, stone-faced, double-arch, Multi-Plate highway bridge that carries an unpaved east-west road over a tributary of the Zumbro River. Built on a 45-degree skew, the Zumbro Parkway Bridge contains two identical arches of 25-foot span. The bridge's overall width is about 37 feet. Springing about 56 inches above grade from concrete-capped-and-footed, rubble-limestone abutments and pier, the arches consist of field-bolted, galvanized, corrugated-iron segments. The bridge represents a type of modular construction known as "Multi-Plate." The corrugated-metal vault supports earth fill, which, in turn, supports the roadway. Ornamented with simulated cut-stone voussoirs of cast concrete, the Multi-Plate arches are anchored in place by concrete head walls and straight-back retaining walls, all faced with coursed-rubble limestone that rises above the roadway to serve as railings. The stonework incorporates Gothic Revival detailing in the form of "pointed" openings in the railings and triangular section "buttresses" framing the arches. Extending to the top of the railing, the buttresses suggest the existence of pedestrian "refuges" along the roadway. These are a common feature of medieval English bridges.

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