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Minnesota's Historic Bridges
Bridge No. L-1409

Bridge No.  L-1409

Bridge No. L-1409, located in a hilly wooded region of Winona County about 2 miles north of the Stockton, is a relatively unaltered stone-arch highway bridge that carries an unpaved east-west road over Garvin Brook (formerly known as Rollingstone River). Built of coursed-ashlar rock-faced limestone, the bridge displays a single segmental-arch, flared wing-walls continuous with the spandrel walls and a low parapet finished with a heavy coping. The limestone appears to be of local origin, matching bedrock strata in the general vicinity of the bridge. The quarry, however, has not been identified. The parapet serves as a curb for the roadway. The arch springs from its abutments about 2 feet above grade, rising about 12 feet over a span of approximately 45 feet. The voussoirs are well-blocked and uniform, laid in mortar with joints one-half inch thick. The ring stones measure approximately 12 inches in width and 27 inches in height. The bridge has an overall width of 16 feet, 8 inches. On the west haunch of the north elevation just below the parapet, a date stone bears the inscription "1895." To prevent scour, the bottom of the west abutment has been encased in concrete which apparently is the only alteration to the bridge's original design.

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