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Latrine at Buffalo River State Park Buffalo River
State Park

National Register Listing:
October 1989

The Buffalo River State Park WPA/Rustic Style historic resources include three buildings and three structures that form a historic district. The 19-acre district defines the original area of construction that took place in the park.

The parks historic district includes these resources:

Bath House
Garage & Residence
Stone Curb
Diversion Dam
Swimming Beach

Historical Significance

Buffalo River State Park Historic District is significant because at the time of its construction it was the only state-owned recreational facility in the region. The park was built to provide an active physical recreation area, a swimming beach, since few natural recreational features existed in that part of the state.

The Buffalo River State Park buildings and structures are architecturally significant as outstanding examples of rustic style split stone construction.

Park History

Buffalo River State Park was established in 1937, although 280 acres had been purchased for that purpose in 1936. The park consists of a wooded area along the Buffalo River in the prairie section of the state.

For current information about Buffalo River State Park, go to the DNR website.