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Buffalo River State Park
Descriptions of Selected Resources

Minnesota state parks contain a variety of historic properties. These images are representative of the Rustic Style historic resources built in Minnesota state parks.

Buffalo River Latrine Latrine
Builder: WPA
Architect: O. Newstrom
Date: 1938

The Latrine is a 32' x 18' structure typical of the sanitation buildings constructed in the state park system. The building is built entirely of local split stone with the exception of two areas between the windows on the front and rear facades which are sheathed with rough clapboards. Stone screens, 9'6" long by 5'6" wide that rise to a height of 5', define the entrances to the building. Window openings are 6-light casements.

The building was remodeled in 1959, at which time skylights were added and the original cedar shingles were replaced with asphalt. In 1963 the interior fixtures were replaced.

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